Smart Catheters

The need to provide catheter-based solutions that are truly enabling—providing interventionists distinctive access to the unconventional—is what we excel at. Our engineered process of combining known materials in new techniques is why were so frequently sought out.

Catheter types include: CRM, PTCA, PTA, EP, GI, artherectomy,  thrombectomy, occlusion and dilation.

Smart Catheters

Interplex Medical is the industry leader in the proprietary integration of sensors, power and signal wires into catheters, thereby providing intelligence to your catheter-based products.

Complex Catheters

Integrating catheter development with minimally invasive delivery, stent delivery, and access devices and systems can create some unique engineering challenges. Combine that with keeping design for manufacturability at the forefront during the design and development phases, and that can add further complexities. At Interplex Medical, we pay close attention to program details in order to achieve optimal results.

Advance Braiding

Braiding is the vital element of a catheter—similar to the way our spine works within our body. It not only provides structural support, but is also a conduit for both power and signal wires. Interplex Medical has pioneered the use of advanced braiding techniques and materials that provide unmatched performance characteristics for complex catheters and braided shafts.

Extrusion Capabilities

Our quick-turn extrusion department provides critical extrusions needed to fabricate stateoftheart catheters. Capabilities of single to multi-lumen of eight or more lumens, wall thicknesses down to .0005, and overall diameters ranging from 1 to 16FR [along with proprietary in-process frictionreduction technologies] are differentiators that Interplex Medical provides to the marketplace.

Material Science

We utilize nylon, pebax and polymide, and constantly research new materials that ultimately provide advantages in performance over existing products. This is accomplished by partnering with our material supply-chain to be on the leadingedge of development activities: a slight increase of tensile strength may be all that is needed to capture a new market.

Scalable Manufacturing

Interplex Medical is uniquely positioned to provide quick-turn prototypes for proof-of-concept studies—always keeping scalability in mind. Hence, when volumes increase from clinical builds to steady-state manufacturing…we are positioned with costeffective solutions to meet your needs.